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Featured review: Viral histones: pickpocket’s prize or primordial progenitor?

Viral histones: pickpocket’s prize or primordial progenitor

Epigenetics & Chromatin is proud to publish a new review from Paul B. Talbert, Karim-Jean Armache & Steven Henikoff. 

Homologues of eukaryotic histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 that are encoded in genomes of some giant DNA viruses have recently been shown to wrap DNA into nucleosome-like structures. In this comprehensive review, our authors describe what is known of viral histones and discuss their possible origins and functions. Viral histones can resemble eukaryotic histones in primary sequence, suggesting acquisition from eukaryotic hosts, or can be radically divergent and may occur as conjoined histone doublets, triplets, or quadruplets, suggesting origins prior to the divergence of modern eukaryotes.


Albert Jeltsch, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Aims and scope

Epigenetics & Chromatin is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes research, and reviews, providing novel mechanistic insights into epigenetic inheritance and chromatin-based interactions. The journal aims to understand how gene and chromosomal elements are regulated and their activities maintained during processes such as cell division, differentiation and environmental alteration.

Efficient peer review

Expedited: we recognise that scientifically sound, high quality manuscripts are often turned away from broad-scope "high-impact" journals based on the issue of "general interest." As a specialist journal, Epigenetics & Chromatin will consider rapid publication of such manuscripts if they are submitted as presubmission inquiries together with the original peer reviewer reports, letter of rejection, and a brief rebuttal.

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