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Fig. 3

From: JARID2 and the PRC2 complex regulate skeletal muscle differentiation through regulation of canonical Wnt signaling

Fig. 3

JARID2 is required for the expression of myogenin and MyoD. a Myogenin expression is downregulated in JARID2 depleted C2C12 cells. mRNA was assayed in C2C12 cells stably expressing scramble control (scr) and shRNA against Jarid2 mRNA (shJarid2). qRT-PCR was performed on undifferentiated (UD) and 2, 4, 6 days of differentiation (D2, D4, D6). Error bars are S.E.M. **p value < 0.01 and ***p value < 0.001 versus time-matched scr. n ≥ 3. b MYOG is downregulated upon JARID2 depletion as detected by western blot assays. c mRNA expression of Myod1 is downregulated in undifferentiated JARID2 depleted cells as assayed by qRT-PCR. Error bars are S.E.M. ***p value < 0.001 versus scr. n ≥ 3. d Protein expression of MYOD is downregulated in JARID2 depleted cells as assayed by western blot assays. ***p value < 0.001. n ≥ 4. e shJarid2 constructs were transiently transfected into C2C12 cells and assayed for Jarid2 mRNA expression 24 and 48 h post-transfection. f shEzh2 constructs were used as in e and assayed for Ezh2 mRNA expression. g, h shJarid2 and shEzh2 transient transfections were assayed for Myod1 (g) and Myog (h) mRNA expression. Error bars are S.E.M. n ≥ 3

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