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Table 7 List of antibodies

From: Establishment of regulatory elements during erythro-megakaryopoiesis identifies hematopoietic lineage-commitment points

Antibody Clone Catalog number
Rat α-CD4 clone GK1.5 14-0041-86
Rat α-IL7Ra clone A7R34 14-1271-85
Rat α-CD8 clone 53-6.7 14-0081-86
Rat α-Mac-1 clone M1/70 14-0112-86
Rat α-Gr-1 clone RB6-8C5 14-5931-86
Rat α-B220 clone RA3-6B2 14-0452-86
Rat α-Ter119 clone TER-119 14-5921-85
Rat α-Sca-1 (PE) clone D7 12-5981-83
Rat α-CD34 (FITC) clone RAM34 11-0341-85
Rat α-CD16/32 (PeCy7) clone 93 25-0161-82
Rat IgG2b clone eB149/10H5 14-4031-85
Rat IgG1 eBRG1 14-4301-85
Rat IgG2a serum eBR2a 14-4321-85
Rat α-cKit (APC) clone 2B8 17-1171-83
Rat α-CD41 (PE) clone eBioMWReg30 12-0411-83
Rat α-CD61 (FITC) clone 2C9.G3 11-0611-82
Rat α-Sca-1 (PerCP-Cy5.5) clone D7 45-5981-82
Rat α-Ter119 (APC-780) clone TER-119 47-5921-82
Rat α-CD44 (eFluor450) clone IM7 48-0441-82
Rabbit a-H3K27ac polyclonal ab4729
Rabbit a-H3K4me1 polyclonal ab8895
Rat α-Mac-1 (eFluor450) clone M1/70 48-0112-82
Rat α-Gr-1 clone RB6-8C6 45-5931-80
  1. All antibodies were purchased from eBiosciences (San Diego, CA, USA)