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Fig. 6

From: Activation of the alpha-globin gene expression correlates with dramatic upregulation of nearby non-globin genes and changes in local and large-scale chromatin spatial structure

Fig. 6

DpnII 3C-analysis of chromatin contacts of the alpha-globin MRE and nearby CTCF-occupied region −3.5 CBSs. a Map showing the positions of genes and CTCF ChIP-seq peaks. Test and anchor regions are outlined with gray and pink vertical rectangles, respectively. CBSs are designated according to their distance (in kilobases) from the MRE. b 3C interaction profile of the −3.5 CBSs. Ligation frequencies averaged between biological replicates are shown. Error bars represent SEM. Anchor position relative to positions of test regions is outlined with vertical dashed line. Horizontal gray line represent a relative noise level ±SEM (see “Methods”). A closer view of the CTCF ChIP-seq profile of −3.5 CBS is shown above the diagram. c 3C interaction profile of the MRE. All notations are as in panel (b). d 3C interaction profile of the +46 CBS. All notations are as in panel (b). e Schematic representation of the CTCF-anchored loops observed around AgGD

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