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Fig. 4

From: Activation of the alpha-globin gene expression correlates with dramatic upregulation of nearby non-globin genes and changes in local and large-scale chromatin spatial structure

Fig. 4

High-resolution C-TALE-identified TAD profile around AgGD. a A schematic representation of the C-TALE procedure. For the experimental details, see “Methods” and Additional file 8: Supplementary Methods. b Heatmaps showing C-TALE data normalized by the total number of sequencing reads in the C-TALE dataset, binned at a 5 Kb resolution and iteratively corrected. Dashed lines show the positions of chromatin contact domain boundaries identified using the Lavaburst package. Gray triangles in the left panel represent 5C-identified TADs in DT40 cell line. Gene positions are shown on the diagonal of each panel, and a detailed map of the studied region is presented below the heatmaps. Dark triangles inside the gene boxes show the direction of transcription

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