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Table 5 Human histone variants with poor annotation status in the UniProtKB database

From: MS_HistoneDB, a manually curated resource for proteomic analysis of human and mouse histones

Name (other names) Protein status Accession number Method of detection References
TS H1.6 (H1t) Transcript P22492 WB [41]
TS H1.7 (H1T2, HANP1) Transcript Q75WM6 NB; WB [110]
OO H1.8 (H1oo) Transcript Q8IZA3-1 RT-PCR [111, 112] Inferred Q92646   
H2A.B.1 (H2A.Bbd) Transcript P0C5Y9 WB [118, 119, 130]
H2A.B.2 (H2A.Bbd) Transcript P0C5Z0 WB [118, 119, 130]
  1. The “protein status” was retrieved from UniProtKB: “Evidence at transcript level” (noted “Transcript”) or “Inferred from homology” (noted “Inferred”, update of July 2016). Information about the detection of some variants at the mRNA level (e.g. by RT-PCR) or at the protein level (e.g. by WB or MS) was further completed with publications
  2. NB northern blot, WB western blot, MS mass spectrometry