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Table 1 Polymerase (Pol II) phosphorylation dynamics and H3K4me2 erasure in primordial germ cells (PGCs)

From: Trans-generational epigenetic regulation of C. elegans primordial germ cells

Genotype H5 staining positive, % (n/total n) H3K4me2 positive, % (n/total n)
Wild type (N2) 7 (4/54) 0 (0/37)
mes-2 (bn11) 9 (3/35) 3 (1/40)
mes-4 (bn67) 71 (32/45) 71 (15/21)
mes-4 (bn85) 65 (15/23) 78 (29/37)
  1. Scoring results of late stage embryos with hyperphosphorylated Pol II (H5 staining) or H3K4me2-positive PGCs. Embryos at ~1.5-f to 2-fold stage were examined within a ~40 minute developmental window at around 500 minutes postfertilization at 20°C. A strict criterion was used to assess antibody signal: only those embryos with PGCs that showed comparable levels of H5 or anti-H3K4me2 staining relative to the staining in surrounding somatic cells were scored as 'positive'.