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Figure 9

From: Trans-generational epigenetic regulation of C. elegans primordial germ cells

Figure 9

H3K36 methylation by maternal effect sterile (MES)-4 is enriched in transcribed regions of germline expressed loci. (A) Screen shots of H3K36me3 (green), panH3 (brown) and input patterns (gray) in wild type and met-1 background mapped onto the UCSC genome browser for several regions are shown together with the annotated gene models (blue, top of each panel). (Top) MES-4-mediated H3K36me3 was enriched on germline-expressed genes, gst-1 and nos-1(red box), but not on a somatic gene ptp-3 (blue box), compared with the methylation pattern in wild type, whereas the methylation pattern on a ubiquitously expressed gene let-858 (green box) was similar in both wild type and met-1 backgrounds. (Bottom left): daz-1, which is essential for meiotic progression during oogenesis and is expressed specifically in the larval/adult germline [72] is a locus at which MES-4-mediated methylation is significantly enriched. (Bottom right): Another example of specific enrichment of MES-4-mediated H3K36me3 on the adult germline-specific gene oma-1, which is required for oocyte maturation. The y-axis is the signal intensity (the number of illumina GA sequence reads). (B) Gene profiles showing MES-4-mediated H3K36me3 on larval/adult germline-specific genes (red; see also Figure 10E) and soma-expressed genes (blue; see also Figure 10D) in met-1 embryos. Values are average scores for 50 bp intervals in the 2.5 kb surrounding the transcription start site (TSS) and the transcription end site (TES). Error bars indicate the 95% confidence interval.

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