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Table 1 Summary statistics for DMRs identified by three DMR callers

From: Mitochondrial supplementation of Sus scrofa metaphase II oocytes alters DNA methylation and gene expression profiles of blastocysts

DMR callera MK DSS SQM All 3b
No of DMR 19,474 17,330 16,354 2197
Total length (bp)c 9,737,000 5,325,931 49,018,635 813,179
DMR% in the genomed 0.40 0.22 2.01 0.03
  1. aDMR callers used. MK, MethylKit; DSS; SQM, SeqMonq
  2. bDMRs commonly identified by three DMR callers
  3. cTotal length of DMRs identified
  4. dPercentage of DMR sequences in Sus scrofa genome