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Table 2 lncRNAs functioning during retinal development

From: Epigenetic regulation of retinal development

LncRNA Method Function References
Tug1 Knockdown in neonatal mouse Malformation or absences of outer segment photoreceptors [171]
Vax2os Overexpression in neonatal mouse Disturb the cell cycle progression in photoreceptor progenitor cells [128]
Rncr4 Knockdown in mouse embryos and postnatal mice Control the uniformity of retina layers [172]
Six3osi Knockdown and overexpression in neonatal mouse Upregulation inhibition normal photoreceptors cell specification, knockdown prevented the differentiation of bipolar cell and Müller glial [173]
RncR2 Knockdown and overexpression in neonatal mouse Required for amacrine cell, and Müller glia differentiation [132]
Malat-1 Knockdown postnatal mouse Might regulate development of retinal neurodegeneration through CREB signaling, retinal microvascular dysfunction [174, 175]
ZNF503-AS1 Knockdown in hiPSC-RPE Inhibit RPE differentiation [135]
Malat-1 Morpholino knockdown zebrafish embryo Smaller eyes, defective otic capsule [176]
Megamind Morpholino knockdown zebrafish embryo Regulation of eye development [177]