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Fig. 6

From: Genome-wide occupancy reveals the localization of H1T2 (H1fnt) to repeat regions and a subset of transcriptionally active chromatin domains in rat spermatids

Fig. 6Fig. 6

Nucleosome IP/Mass spectrometry analysis for the identification of H1T2-nucleosome interacting proteins. a Schematic of the nucleosome IP and mass spectrometry protocol used. b Schematic shows the complete list of interacting proteins of H1T2-associated chromatin with top protein hits with more than 15 unique peptides, identified by mass spectrometric analysis of the H1T2 immunoprecipitated chromatin. c Gene ontology analysis of the proteins identified in our MS analysis. Diagrammatic representation (bar diagram) of functional classes of H1T2 interacting proteins according to molecular function (P values are given) and pie chart representation of GO biological process associated to the interacting proteins. d Different functional classes of H1T2 interacting proteins mainly related to spermatogenesis and sperm function. e Validation of proteins associated to H1T2–chromatin identified by mass spectrometry by IP/ WB analysis

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