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Table 2 Plasmids used

From: In vivo chromatin organization on native yeast telomeric regions is independent of a cis-telomere loopback conformation

Plasmids Description (Backbone) Reference
pRSE TRP1, CEN, Gal1-10prom-GBD-MN (pRS314) [43]
pUGM2 URA3, CEN, Gal1-10prom-GBD-MN (pRS316) This study
pGM1 URA3, CEN, del4881-142, Gal1-10prom-GBD-MN (pRS316) This study
pG1NLS2 URA3, CEN, del4881-142, Gal1-10prom-NLS-MN (pRS316) This study
p05RA HIS3, CEN, XY’(from TEL05R) (pRS313) This study