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Fig. 4

From: MeCP2-E1 isoform is a dynamically expressed, weakly DNA-bound protein with different protein and DNA interactions compared to MeCP2-E2

Fig. 4

MeCP2-E1 and E2 isoforms display diurnal dynamic genomic binding. a Heatmaps representing the log2 ratios obtained for E1 and E2 ChIP experiments; each column is divided into five clusters using the k-means algorithm. Protein occupancy is represented by color intensity, where the darker the color, the higher the protein enrichment. b Comparison of E1 enrichment at 12 a.m. vs. 12 p.m. showing occupancy differences in different clusters of interest. c Heatmap depicting the E2 12 a.m. vs. 12 p.m. shows a dynamic binding in clusters 4 and 5 (yellow and orange, respectively). d Left graphs: top-enriched functional pathways (−log10 (P)) of genes included in dynamic E1 and E2 gene clusters [Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG)]. Right graphs: ChIP-qPCR results validating MeCP2-E1 and E2 variations in occupancy of genes included in each of the gene clusters obtained

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