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Table 1 Description of methods to infer self-reported ethnicity or genetic ancestry using HM450K data

From: Accurate ethnicity prediction from placental DNA methylation data

Name of method Statistical approach Input HM450K sites Output Sample characteristics
Tissue Populationsa Cohort location
Barfield et al. [8] PCA 7703 DNAme sites with a 1000 genomes project SNP at the CpG site Genetic ancestry as PC scores Blood Caucasian-Americans, African–Americans USA
EPISTRUCTURE [9] PCA 4913 DNAme sites associated with local genetic variation (mQTLs) Genetic ancestry as PC scores Blood Europeans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans Southern Germany; USA
Zhou et al. [10] Predictive-modeling 59/65 SNP sites Ethnicity Multiple White, Black or African American, Asian Many
PlaNET; this study Predictive-modeling 15 SNPs; 1845 DNAme sites Ethnicity and genetic ancestry Placenta Caucasians, Asians, Africans Canada, USA
  1. aEthnicity/ancestry as defined in associated study