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Fig. 6

From: Leo1 is essential for the dynamic regulation of heterochromatin and gene expression during cellular quiescence

Fig. 6

The Tor1/Gad8 pathway regulates Paf1C. a Phosphorylation of Gad8 at various time points after nitrogen starvation. b RNA expression levels of subtelomeric genes on chromosome I and II were quantified by RT-qPCR. Cells were treated with DMSO or 25 µM Torin1. Human RNA was used as the spike-in control RNA for normalization of the expression levels. The values are the averages of three biological replicates (n = 6). The error bars indicate SDs; p values (paired Student’s t test): *< 0.05; N.S. (not significant) > 0.05. c A proposed model for the regulation of heterochromatin via TOR complexes and Paf1C in G0 cells (see the main text for details)

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