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Fig. 1

From: Peak calling by Sparse Enrichment Analysis for CUT&RUN chromatin profiling

Fig. 1

SEACR enforces peak calling specificity across a range of read depths. a Schematic of SEACR methodology. Contiguous signal blocks (top) are identified and plotted by the percentage of blocks exceeding a total signal threshold (right), and an optimal threshold is empirically identified and used for filtering (bottom). b Plot of area under the precision–recall curve (AUPR) for peaks called from H3K4me3 CUT&RUN data by SEACR, MACS2, MACS2 with local lambda inactivated (MACS2 llocal), and HOMER that were compared to a stringent test set of H3K4me3 peaks called from ENCODE ChIP-seq data. Read subsampling levels are indicated on the X-axis

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