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Table 2 Posttranslation modifications (PTMs) identified in human, mouse and/or rat histone variant H2A.Z

From: The histone variant H2A.Z in gene regulation

  1. aPartially; bmonomethylation; cdimethylation; donly referred to dimethylation; ein the case of interferon gene expression, this PTM seems to be associated with a poised/repressed state [73]
  2. PTMs are listed without discriminating among the different H2A.Z isoforms. Residues shown in bold are the modified ones; the residues specific for H2A.Z.2 are shown in parenthesis; shown in red are the residues that are not conserved in H2A.Z.2.2. Underlined are residues subjected to posttranslational regulation that are mutated in diseases accordingly to the COSMIC database. n.d.: not determined. Please look at Fig. 1 for further details about the protein sequences