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Fig. 4

From: EZH2 variants differentially regulate polycomb repressive complex 2 in histone methylation and cell differentiation

Fig. 4

ex14D-EZH2 participates in establishing and maintaining H3K27 methylation and promotes ES cell differentiation. a A schematic of how ex14D-Ezh2 ES cell lines were created by CRISPR-Cas9. b Western blot analysis of EZH2 proteins in ex14D-Ezh2 cells. c Western blot analysis of histone H3K27 methylation levels in ex14D-Ezh2 ES cells. d A smear plot showing ex14D-EZH2 is not sufficient for saturating EZH2 targeting genes. e A Venn diagram showing that ex14D-EZH2 binds to the majority EZH2 targets. f Assessment of H3K27me3 maintenance on key developmental genes in ex14D-Ezh2 ES cells by ChIP-PCR analysis. g Assessment of the newly introduced H3K27me3 marks during ES cell differentiation. h qPCR analysis of the expression of mesoderm marker genes during LIF withdrawal-induced ES cell differentiation

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