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Fig. 4

From: Physiological effects of KDM5C on neural crest migration and eye formation during vertebrate development

Fig. 4

Loss of kdm5c influenced the premigratory neural crest cells. a kdm5c MO (25 ng) was coinjected with β-galactosidase mRNA into one blastomere of two-cell stage embryos, and then, embryos were fixed at the late neurula stage (st. 16). β-galactosidase staining indicates the injected side of the embryos. Expansion in neural plate is observed as indicated by sox3 and pax3 expressions in the kdm5c MO-injected side of the embryos. Black dots (·) indicate the injected side of the embryos. Embryos coinjected with kdm5c MO and kdm5c* RNA efficiently rescued this expansion in neural plate regions. b Statistical analysis of the data revealed significant perturbation of sox3 and pax3 expression induced by kdm5c knockdown. c RT-PCR analysis showed that expression levels of sox3 and pax3 are the same in both kdm5c morphants and control embryos. ns, not significant; **P < 0.01. CTL, control

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