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Fig. 2 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 2

From: CMT3 and SUVH4/KYP silence the exonic Evelknievel retroelement to allow for reconstitution of CMT1 mRNA

Fig. 2

EK Non-CG methylation is significantly and specifically reduced in kyp2 and cmt3 mutants. Bisulfite sequencing was performed on genomic DNA prepared from the indicated lines followed by PCR amplification of EKcr (a) or the EK 5′ LTR-CMT1 (b) sequence. Amplified DNA fragments were sub-cloned into pJET1.2 and multiple clones from each line were sequenced (Additional file 1: BS seq), and the percentage of cytosine methylation was determined. The total number of CG (blue column), CHG (brown column) and CHH (green column) sites in amplified DNA sequences is indicated in square brackets on the right

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