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Fig. 1 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 1

From: Chromatin-mediated regulators of meiotic recombination revealed by proteomics of a recombination hotspot

Fig. 1

Features of the ade6-M26 meiotic recombination hotspot. a Binding of Atf1-Pcr1 heterodimer to an M26 DNA sequence motif promotes the catalysis of recombination-initiating DSBs by Rec12 (Spo11). b Hotspot-specific, meiotically induced chromatin remodeling, involving histone PTMs (lollipops) and the displacement of nucleosomes (ovals), generates access to DNA and potential docking moieties for the basal recombination machinery and its catalytic subunit, Rec12 (Spo11). c Sequences of alleles used in this study. Each allele contains bp substitutions (bold) that create a stop codon (italics) in the ade6 ORF. Hotspot alleles contain an M26 DNA site (underlined) to which the Atf1-Pcr1 heterodimer binds

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