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Fig. 2

From: DNA replication and repair kinetics of Alu, LINE-1 and satellite III genomic repetitive elements

Fig. 2

Replication timing of repetitive DNA elements analyzed by FISH and S-phase substages classification. a Schematics of the experiment. HeLa cells were pulse-labeled with EdU for 15 min to allow the classification of different substages of the S-phase of the cell cycle (early, mid and late). Cells are then fixed, the probe is hybridized and microscopy is performed. b (left) Representative confocal and deconvolved micrographs of HeLa cells depicting the DAPI, Alu elements and EdU as inverted gray channels, at the three different S-phase substages. Merge is shown in pseudo-colors. Scale bar: 5 µm. (right) Colocalization analysis of FISH and EdU signal at the three different S-phase substages via Hcoefficent and Pearson’s correlation coefficient as indicated. Error bars show the standard error of the mean. Data are from three independent experiments. n combined total number of cells analyzed. sd standard deviation. c, d Represent the same as in b for L1 and satellite III, respectively

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