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Fig. 6

From: Perturbed maintenance of transcriptional repression on the inactive X-chromosome in the mouse brain after Xist deletion

Fig. 6

Violin plots of the ratios of the RNA reads in Cre+/Cre+ plus Cre−) animals for X-linked genes that are divided into terciles (a) and quartiles (b) according to their expression level. Each tercile and quartile has 180 and 135 genes, respectively. All p values were calculated using Student’s t test. The average ratios for quartiles 1–4 are 0.494, 0.504, 0.508 and 0.510, respectively. The differences among adjacent quartiles are not significant. c Changes in CpG island methylation expressed as a ratio of methylation abundance in Cre+/(Cre+ plus Cre−) animals for genes grouped according to their expression level, as in (a), with the first tercile compared with an aggregate of the second and the third terciles (*p = 0.045, Student’s t test, 0.487 ± 0.133 vs 0.512 ± 0.109, N = 180 first tercile, N = 360 combined second and third terciles)

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