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Fig. 5

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals a role for TDG in estrogen receptor-mediated enhancer RNA transcription and 3-dimensional reorganization

Fig. 5

TDG depletion impacts eRNA production. a Publically available GRO-Seq data looking at levels of transcription at sites of E2-dependent TDG binding reveal that sites of TDG binding experience an increase in transcription in response to E2 (a set of random peaks reflecting precisely the size distribution of actual TDG peaks was used as control). b Heatmap of nascent transcription using publically available GRO-Seq data at sites of TDG E2. c E2 effects on localization of TDG and ER, as well as transcription response, at specific targets. d To determine whether TDG is required for eRNA production, MCF7 cells were depleted of TDG using siRNA and transcript levels were measured in response to 100 nM of E2 (1 h) (qPCR, p value < 0.05)

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