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Table 2 Motif overrepresentation analysis

From: A screening system to identify transcription factors that induce binding site-directed DNA demethylation

Gene Motif ID Motif source Species Poisson p value Enrichment score ratio (max/outlier) Judgment
RUNX3 RUNX3 jolma2013 Hsapiens 2.07E−33 15.48 DNA demethylating
GATA2 MA0036.1 JASPAR_CORE Hsapiens 1.16E−29 4.29 DNA demethylating
CEBPB MA0466.1 JASPAR_2014 Hsapiens 7.87E−250 13.80 DNA demethylating
MAFB Mafb jolma2013 Mmusculus 6.41E−52 11.99 DNA demethylating
NR4A2 MA0160.1 JASPAR_CORE Mmusculus 5.89E−72 9.76 DNA demethylating
MYOD1 MA0499.1 JASPAR_2014 Mmusculus < 1E−320 23.64 DNA demethylating
CEBPA MA0102.2 JASPAR_CORE Vertebrata 1.15E−89 7.96 DNA demethylating
TBX5 TBX5 jolma2013 Hsapiens 4.11E−174 13.14 DNA demethylating
NANOG NA SwissRegulon NA 0.90 NA Non-DNA demethylating
HNF1A HNF1A jolma2013 Hsapiens 0.12 NA Non-DNA demethylating
PAX4 MA0068.1 JASPAR_CORE Mmusculus 1.00 NA Non-DNA demethylating
Nkx2-5 UP00249 UniPROBE Mmusculus 1.00 NA Non-DNA demethylating
SOX2 MA0143.1 JASPAR_CORE Mmusculus 0.38 NA Non-DNA demethylating
POU5F1 MA0142.1 JASPAR_CORE Mmusculus 0.50 NA Non-DNA demethylating
HNF4A HNF4A jolma2013 Hsapiens 0.06 NA Non-DNA demethylating