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Fig. 6

From: Treatment with a DNA methyltransferase inhibitor feminizes zebrafish and induces long-term expression changes in the gonads

Fig. 6

Lasting effects of treatment of zebrafish with 5-aza-dC at 75 µM between 10 and 30 dpf during gonadal development on the signalling pathways observed in 90-dpf adult ovaries. a Gene expression fold change differences in pro-female pathways. I: Fanconi anaemia (n = 8 genes), II: Wnt signalling (n = 30 genes), III: oocyte meiosis (n = 23 genes) and IV: progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation (n = 18 genes). b Gene expression fold change differences in pro-male pathways. V: PPAR signalling (n = 10 genes), VI: cardiac muscle contraction (n = 10 genes), VII: cytokine–cytokine interaction (n = 14 genes) and VIII: p53 signalling (n = 18 genes). c, d Percentage of up- or downregulated genes in the pro-female and pro-male pathways observed in a and b, respectively

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