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Fig. 4

From: Co-regulation of transcription by BRG1 and BRM, two mutually exclusive SWI/SNF ATPase subunits

Fig. 4

ChIP-seq on BRG1 and BRM in cells depleted of these subunits. a Heatmap showing effect of BRG1 and BRM depletion on BRG1 and BRM occupancy at all BRG1 or BRM sites from non-targeting treated cells. b, c Quantification of BRG1 (b) or BRM (c) signal from panel A. d, e. Number of peaks obtained in shBRG- and shBRM-treated cells for BRG1 and BRM ChIP experiments compared to shNS-treated cells. f Example locus showing moderate depletion of BRG1 and near complete loss of BRM following shRNA treatment

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