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Fig. 7

From: CENP-B protects centromere chromatin integrity by facilitating histone deposition via the H3.3-specific chaperone Daxx

Fig. 7

Model of CENP-B/Daxx-mediated loading of H3.3 for centromere/pericentromere chromatin balance. A schematic linear representation of a centromeric and pericentromeric chromatin. Zone “A”: centromere; Daxx complex is recruited by interaction of Daxx SIM with SUMO-2-modified CENP-B; Daxx-dependent H3.3 loading promotes H3K9 trimethylation in vicinity of CENP-B, potentially through SUV39h1-dependent mechanism. Zone “C”: pericentromere; Daxx complex is recruited possibly by interaction of ATRX with H3K9Me3 that is enriched at pericentromere. Zone: “B”: transient/border area. Disruption of CENP-B/Daxx-dependent loading of H3.3 to centromere by knocking out CENP-B or Daxx leads to heterochromatin erosion that proceeds from proximal toward distal region of pericentromere. Sumoylation-dependent interaction between Daxx and ATRX is speculative and indicated by question mark

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