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Fig. 2 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 2

From: Drosophila CP190- and dCTCF-mediated enhancer blocking is augmented by SUMOylation

Fig. 2

CP190 is SUMOylated. a Western blot of extracts from FLAG-dSUMO expressing cells [constitutive clones 15 and 17 and the induced clone pool (+)] detects many SUMOylated proteins with an antibody against FLAG. Control antibodies against CP190, dCTCF and beta-tubulin detect similar ratios between these factors in all cases. S2 wt cells and the non-induced clone pool (−) were used as negative controls. b Immune precipitation with the FLAG antibody (FLAG-IP) tested by Western blot with the CP190 antibody identifies SUMOylated CP190 (*) in FLAG-dSUMO expressing cells (CuSO4-induced clone pool, clone 15). S2 wt cells and IgG-IP were used as negative controls. Extract from a FLAG-HA-CP190 expressing S2-cell clone (clone 6) served as positive control for the FLAG-IP

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