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Fig. 1

From: Differential DNA methylation and lymphocyte proportions in a Costa Rican high longevity region

Fig. 1

Nicoyans had differential CD8+ naïve and memory T cell abundance levels. a Box plots demonstrating bioinformatically derived white blood cells in Nicoyans and non-Nicoyans. Cell proportions estimated using the Houseman method. Blue: Nicoyans, white: non-Nicoyans. The p value is derived from a nonparametric group comparison test using Kruskal–Wallis. b Box plots illustrating the relationship between the bioinformatically derived CD8+ naïve T cell and CD8+ memory T cell across Nicoyans and non-Nicoyans. c Scatter plots of chronological age plotted against each CD8+ naïve T cells and CD8+ memory T cells abundance level for each sample. CD8+ naïve T cell show a decrease with age, whereas CD8+ memory T cells increase with chronological age. Pearson’s r coefficients derived from log-transformed age correlated with each respective cell-type level. Blue: Nicoyans, black: non-Nicoyans. Line of best fit shown with 95% confident intervals shaded in respective group color. The scale of cell abundance is a measure from a bioinformatically derived prediction of the respective cell types using flow-sorted counts from other datasets to infer cellular proportions of that specific isolated cell type based on the DNA methylation data [9, 46, 47]

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