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Table 2 Overview of the 10 F0 loci analyzed with BisPCR2

From: Differential DNA methylation at conserved non-genic elements and evidence for transgenerational inheritance following developmental exposure to mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and 5-azacytidine in zebrafish

Location Nearest gene CpGs analyzed
chr2:32025472–32025772 mycb 7
chr2:43611512–43611846 nrp1b 4
chr3:48276549–48276951 si:ch211245b21.1 10
chr4:53831094–53831415 CT583728.4 14
chr6:57641533–57641533 cbfa2t2 14
chr9:39356640–39356640 cps1 11
chr20:43514527–43514862 si:dkey14a7.2 10
chr12:29105587–29105587 gabrz 12
chr21:20158921–20158921 si:dkey247m21.3 7
chr25:36706556–36706894 si:dkey234i14.6 14