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Fig. 8

From: Identification of activated enhancers and linked transcription factors in breast, prostate, and kidney tumors by tracing enhancer networks using epigenetic traits

Fig. 8

ZNF395-linked enhancers in kidney tumor tissues. a Genome browser screen shots near the tumor-specific enhancer probe cg12116192. From top, shown are the genomic coordinates, HM450 probe location, UCSC genes, H3K27Ac ChIP-seq tracks in tumor (753T) and normal (753N) cells, the ENCODE layered TF ChIP-seq track, the ENCODE Master DNaseI hypersensitive site track, and an intra-chromosomal TENET-identified link between the enhancer probe cg12116192 and the ZNF395 gene; left shaded region is the enhancer probe cg12116192, and the right shaded region is the transcription start site of ZNF395. b Scatterplot of the DNA methylation level of the enhancer probe cg12116192 and ZNF395 expression in normal and tumor kidney tissues. c Circos plot of the 183 enhancers having an active state positively linked to expression of the ZNF395 gene in KIRC. d Logos of two de novo motifs identified in the 183 enhancers linked to ZNF395 expression are shown on the left; fraction of regions with the two motifs in the 183 ZNF395-linked enhancers, in 7767 enhancers identified using a GFP antibody in K562 cells expressing a GFP-tagged ZNF395, in all linked enhancers identified in KIRC except those linked to ZNF395, and in all distal NDR regions used in this study

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