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Fig. 2

From: Identification of activated enhancers and linked transcription factors in breast, prostate, and kidney tumors by tracing enhancer networks using epigenetic traits

Fig. 2

Identification of differentially methylated enhancer regions. a Differentially methylated enhancer probes located in epigenetically defined enhancers were identified by using DNA methylation profiles from TCGA for breast (BRCA), prostate (PRAD), and kidney (KIRC) tumor tissues. Unmeth: enhancer probes unmethylated in both normal and tumor samples; Meth: enhancer probes methylated in both normal and tumor samples; Hypermeth: enhancer probes unmethylated in normals, but methylated in tumors; Hypometh: enhancer probes methylated in normals, but unmethylated in tumors; the number of enhancer probes for each category is shown in parentheses. b Examples of hypomethylated enhancers (i.e., tumor-specific enhancers) are shown for BRCA (center), PRAD (left), and KIRC (right). Genome browser screen shots show genomic coordinates, HM450 probe location, UCSC genes, H3K27Ac ChIP-seq tracks in tumor (MCF7, C42B, and 753T) and normal (HMEC, PrEC, and 753N) cells, the ENCODE layered ChIP-seq track for 161 TFs, and the ENCODE Master DNaseI hypersensitive site track for 125 cell types

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