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Fig. 6

From: DNA methylation signature of human fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Fig. 6

Differentially methylated regions associated with FASD. Percent methylation values adjusted for covariates were plotted across four statistically significant differentially methylated regions (DMRs) between FASD (blue) and controls (gray) identified by DMRcate. a The HLA-DPB1 DMR spanned 2449 bp of the gene body (red bar) and contained 17 CpGs from the 450K array. b The NOS1AP DMR contained five CpGs over 498 bp and was located within the body and 3′ UTR (green bar) of the gene. c The 477 bp UCN3 DMR contained eight CpGs. One was located within the 5′ UTR (dark green dot) and 1st exon (light blue dot), while the remainder were located upstream of the gene’s transcriptional start site (TSS), one CpG falling within 1500 bp (black dot) of TSS and six located within 200 bp of the TSS (blue bar). d The ITGAL gene contained six unique DMRs over 583 bp of the gene body (red bar)

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