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Fig. 2 | Epigenetics & Chromatin

Fig. 2

From: Genome-wide redistribution of MeCP2 in dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 2

Redistribution of MeCP2 binding in the DRG after nerve injury. a Genome-wide distribution of enriched peaks representing putative MeCP2 binding sites that are at least fourfold higher in the SNI model compared to sham control. b Genomic redistribution of MeCP2 binding determined by enriched peaks in the SNI, and sham model indicates increased MeCP2 binding to transcriptionally relevant regions and noncoding RNAs. 3UTR 3′ untranslated region, 5UTR 5′ untranslated region, ncRNA noncoding RNA, Pseudo pseudo genes, rRNA ribosomal RNA, TTS transcription termination sites; NS not significant *p value <1 × 10−3

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