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Table 3 Histone isoforms and post-translational modifications (PTMs) identified in human sperm

From: Comprehensive analysis of histone post-translational modifications in mouse and human male germ cells

Histone isoforms
H1 H1.4, H1.t, H1.t2
H2A H2A.1a, H2A.2b, H2A.2c, H2A.3, H2A.J, H2A.V, H2A.X, H2A-bbd 2/3, H2A.Z, macroH2A.1, macroH2A.2
H2B tH2B., H2B.1b, H2B.1c/e/f, H2B.1d, H2B.1 l, H2B.2f
H3 H3, H3.3, H3.1t
H4 H4
Histone post-translational modifications
H1 K43ac, R50me1, K62me1, K63ac
H1t K112me1, K113ac, K122ac, K124me1, K170ac, K173me1, K183ac, K183me3, R185me1, S180ph, S187ph, K188me1, K190ac
H2A K5ac, R11me2, R29me1
H2AV/Z K4ac, K4me2/3, K7ac, K7cr, K7me1/2/3, S9ph, K11cr, K11me1/2/3, K13cr, K13me2/3, K15ac, R19me1, K27ac, K37cr, K37me1
H2B K16me1, K20me3
tH2B K6ac, T9ph, K12ac, K12me1/3, K13me1/3, K16me1/3, K17me1, K28ac, K29ac, R30me2, K86ac, R87me1
H3 T3ph, K4me1/2/3, K9ac, K9me1/2/3, K14ac, K18ac, K18me1, K23ac, K23me1/3, R26me1/2
K27me1/2/3, K36cr, K36me1/2/3, K37ac, K37me2/3, R53me1, K56ac, K79me1/2, K120Ox
H4 S1ph, R3m1e, K5ac, K8ac, K12ac, K16ac, K20me1/2/3, K31ac, R35me1, M84Ox, K91ac, R92me1
  1. Includes PTMs identified on any isoform except those with modified, non-conserved amino acid residues (H1t, H2AV, H2AZ, tH2B). PTMs in italics represent those reported for the first time in human sperm