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Fig. 2

From: Application of recombinant TAF3 PHD domain instead of anti-H3K4me3 antibody

Fig. 2

CIDOP and ChIP carried out with TAF3 PHD and anti-H3K4me3 antibody. a CIDOP-qPCR signals using amplicons covering the VEGF-A, PABPC1 loci and control regions. For details about the positions of the VEGF-A and PABPC1 amplicons, refer to (Additional file 1: Fig. S2A, B). b ChIP-qPCR signals using the same amplicons as a. c Representative genome browser views comparing CIDOP-seq and ChIP-seq (from ENCODE) signals taken from both experiments/replicates for each method, respectively. Zoom in at the VEGF-A locus (upper panel) and PABPC1 locus (lower panel). Note the difference in the PABPC1 locus between anti-H3K4me3 experiment 1 and all three other datasets. For additional browser views, refer to Additional file 1: Fig. S5A

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