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Fig. 7

From: Tip60 complex binds to active Pol II promoters and a subset of enhancers and co-regulates the c-Myc network in mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 7

Tip60 locates to super enhancer regions. a Tip60 (GSE69671) binding profiles together with DHS (GSM1014154), H3K4me1 (GSM594577), H3K27ac (GSM594578), Nsl1 (GSM1300940) and Msl1 (GSM1300939) are represented using the UCSC genome browser at the well-defined super enhancer regions (boxed in red) of the Nanog and Klf4 locus. The Input (GSM798320) serves as negative control. Data were uploaded as wig files. bd The 231 super enhancers [41] were divided into 80 bins and Tip60 (b), Nsl1 (c) and Msl1 (d) enrichment was calculated per bin between their start and end positions as well as up to 4 kb up- and downstream. Signals were normalized to the input (GSM798320)

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