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Table 3 Enriched GO terms among the sex-associated CpGs from the meta-analysis

From: Characterization of whole-genome autosomal differences of DNA methylation between men and women

GO ID GO term p valuea Geneb No. of CpG probesc
GO:0045820 Negative regulation of glycolysis 3.51E−07 HDAC4 393
IER3 39
FBP1 14
GO:0003085 Negative regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure 1.81E−06 ADRB1 8
SOD2 7
IER3 39
BBS4 4
GO:0001562 Response to protozoan 2.69E−06 SLC11A1 20
IL12B 12
IER3 39
  1. a p value for enrichment, Bonferroni-corrected significance level of 3.08E−08
  2. bGenes annotated to the GO term restricted to those annotated to significant SMAs in KORA F4
  3. cNumber of CpG probes associated with each gene, according to Illumina’s annotation file; enrichment tests were corrected for the probe numbers (see “Methods”)