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Table 1 Overview of the kinetic parameters in the model

From: Mechanistic stochastic model of histone modification pattern formation

Parameter Description Value (s-1)
k on Influx of transferases at initiation site 2.4 (one enzyme models)
0.01 (two enzyme models)
k off Release rate of transferase from nucleosome 0.1
k transferase Modification rate of nucleosome 1000
k neighbor Modification rate of neighboring nucleosome 0.2
k slide 1D diffusion rate over the chromatin 0.6
k recruitment Influx of transferases at modified nucleosome 0.24-4.8
k demodification Rate constant of demodification 2.4
k interaction Interaction frequency 0.01-1
  1. The derivation and calculations of the kinetic parameters can be found in the Methods section.