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Table 2 The tumor suppressor function of HP1 and Su(var)3-9 is dependent on H1

From: Drosophila linker histone H1 coordinates STAT-dependent organization of heterochromatin and suppresses tumorigenesis caused by hyperactive JAK-STAT signaling

Genotype N Tumor index p value
hop Tum-l /+ 180 0.67  
hopTum-l/+; ht-HP1/+ 169 0.21  
hopTum-l/+; ht-HP1/pINT1-H14M, Act-GAL4 113 0.62 <0.0001
hopTum-l/+; ht-Su(var)3-9/+ 224 0.19  
hopTum-l/+; ht-Su(var)3-9/pINT1-H14M, Act-GAL4 93 0.61 <0.0001
  1. hopTum-l/FM7C flies were mated to wild type or homozygous transgenic ht-HP1 or ht-Su(var)3-9 flies; hopTum-l/FM7C; pINT1-H14M, Actin-GAL4/CyO flies were mated to homozygous transgenic ht-HP1 or ht-Su(var)3-9 flies. All crosses were set at 29°C. The tumor index in adult progeny of the appropriate genotype was calculated as described previously[18]. p values were calculated by Mann-Whitney test. N number of flies scored.