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Table 1 Comparative DNA requirements for genome-wide methylation analysis platforms

From: A novel methyl-binding domain protein enrichment method for identifying genome-wide tissue-specific DNA methylation from nanogram DNA samples

Methodology Starting DNA required (μg) Platform
WGBS[68] 0.01–0.1 Illumina
MeDIP-Seq[3, 4] 0.05–0.3 Illumina
MBD-Seq[3] 1a Illumina
RRBS-Seq[3, 9] 0.01–0.05 Illumina
MRE-Seq[10] 3 Illumina
MeDIP-Chip[11] 4 Affymetrix promoter array
MBD-Chip[11] 1 Affymetrix promoter array
MRE-Chip[12] 2 User defined
Infinium Methylation BeadChip[13] 0.8 Illuminab
CHARM[14] 10 NimbleGen
MeKL-Chip 0.02 NimbleGen/any
  1. aPooled four to eight 1-μg fractions.
  2. bNot available for the mouse genome.