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Table 2 Motif analysis of Kaiso binding sites

From: ZBTB33 binds unmethylated regions of the genome associated with actively expressed genes

  KaisoHC GM12878 (1,648 sites) KaisoHC+Pol2HC GM12878 (1,270 sites) KaisoHC-No Pol2HC GM12878 (378 sites) KaisoHC K562 (3,082 sites)
TCTCGCGAGA 43% 42% 36% 29%
CGCG 76% 85% 35% 47%
TCCTGCNA 5% 6% 4% 5%
  1. The percentage of peaks containing each motif displayed on the left side of the chart was calculated for several subsets of Kaiso peaks in GM12878 and K562 cells. The total number of peaks in each subset is shown in parentheses.