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Figure 5

From: ZBTB33 binds unmethylated regions of the genome associated with actively expressed genes

Figure 5

DNA methylation analysis of Kaiso peaks. (A) The average percent DNA methylation in the sequences surrounding the Kaiso binding sites (centered on the middle of the peak) was determined and plotted across all high-confidence Kaiso peaks (solid line), high-confidence Kaiso peaks overlapping Pol2 (short dashed line), and high-confidence Kaiso peaks not overlapping Pol2 (long dashed line). (B) A similar analysis was performed as in panel (A) except that only the subsets of high-confidence Kaiso peaks containing the 10 bp Kaiso motif were used and the regions were centered on the Kaiso motif. (C) Pie charts depicting the methylation percentage of all CGCG motifs in various sets of Kaiso peaks.

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