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Table 5 Application of nomenclature to Arabidopsis

From: A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants

H1 Gene Protein Former name
At1g06760 HON1 H1.1 H1
At2g30620 HON2 H1.2 "
At2g18050 HON3 H1.3 "
H2A Gene Protein Former name
At5g54640 HTA1 H2A.1 Canonical H2A
At4g27230 HTA2 H2A.2 "
At1g51060 HTA10 H2A.10 "
At3g20670 HTA13 H2A.13 "
At1g54690 HTA3 H2A.X.3 H2A.X
At1g08880 HTA5 H2A.X.5 "
At5g59870 HTA6 H2A.W.6 SPKK-bearing H2As
At5g27670 HTA7 H2A.W.7 "
At5g02560 HTA12 H2A.W.12 "
At2g38810 HTA8 H2A.Z.8 H2A.Z
At1g52740 HTA9 H2A.Z.9 "
At3g54560 HTA11 H2A.Z.11 "
At4g13570 HTA4 H2A.Z.4 none
H2B Gene Protein Former name
At1g07790 HTB1 H2B.1 H2B
At5g22880 HTB2 H2B.2 "
At2g28720 HTB3 H2B.3 "
At5g59910 HTB4 H2B.4 "
At2g37470 HTB5 H2B.5 "
At3g53650 HTB6 H2B.6 "
At3g09480 HTB7 H2B.7 "
At1g08170 HTB8 H2B.8 "
At3g45980 HTB9 H2B.9 "
At5g02570 HTB10 H2B.10 "
At3g46030 HTB11 H2B.11 "
H3 Gene Protein Former name
At5g65360 HTR1 H3.1 H3.1
At1g09200 HTR2 " "
At3g27360 HTR3 " "
At5g10400 HTR9 " "
At5g10390 HTR13 " "
At4g40030 HTR4 H3.3 H3.3
At4g40040 HTR5 " "
At5g10980 HTR8 " "
At1g13370 HTR6 H3.6 none
At1g19890 HTR10 H3.10 MGH3/HTR10
At1g75600 HTR14 H3.14 none
At1g01370 HTR12 cenH3 CENH3/CENP-A/HTR12
At1g75610 HTR7 H3.7  
H4 Gene Protein Former name
At3g46320 HF01 H4 H4
At5g59690 HF02 " "
At2g28740 HF03 " "
At1g07820 HF04 " "
At3g53730 HF05 " "
At5g59970 HF06 " "
At3g45930 HF07 " "
At1g07660 HF08 " "