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Figure 4

From: Histone H3 lysine 4 methylation is associated with the transcriptional reprogramming efficiency of somatic nuclei by oocytes

Figure 4

Chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses of histone modifications in 10T1/2 cell nuclei transplanted to germinal vesicles. Histone methylations, phosphorylations and acetylations in the promoter (a, b and c) or regulatory regions (d, e and f) of Sox2, Oct4 (g, h and i) and β-globin (j, k and l) in transplanted 10T1/2 nuclei were analyzed. H3K4 me2, H3T3ph and H3K9ac are shown in blue; H3K4 me3, H3T6ph and H3K14ac are shown in red; H3K27 me3, H3T11ph, and H4K16ac are shown in light green. The Y axis is the fold enrichment of modified histone over non-modified histone H3. The X axis is the incubation time after nuclear transfer.

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