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Figure 3

From: Histone H3 lysine 4 methylation is associated with the transcriptional reprogramming efficiency of somatic nuclei by oocytes

Figure 3

Global changes in histone modifications in somatic cell nuclei injected to germinal vesicles (GVs). GVs containing transplanted 10T1/2 nuclei were isolated from oocytes. The isolated GVs with nuclei were fixed by 4%PFA and stained by antibodies against H3S10ph as shown in red (a), H3K4 me2 shown in green (c), H3K9ac shown in green (e), H2A.Z shown in green (g) and H2A.Zac shown in red (g). All nuclei were counterstained by DAPI shown in blue. The intensity of staining, which was measured by ImageJ, is shown as columns below the pictures. Re-isolated nuclei were also subject to Western blotting, shown in b, d, f and h. In each case, the far right panel which has no signal is from GVs without transplanted 10T1/2 cell nuclei. In each case the values for modified histones were normalized by reference to values for H3 histones.

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