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Table 1 Contingency table of fecundity of the snails exposed to different DNMTi

From: The methylome of Biomphalaria glabrata and other mollusks: enduring modification of epigenetic landscape and phenotypic traits by a new DNA methylation inhibitor

  Control Flv1 Flv2 Flv-neg Zebularine
Total number of laid eggs 191 183 199 188 326
Number of non-hatched eggs 152 147 179 147 301
Number of offspring 39 36 20* 41 25**
  1. Total number of laid eggs (first row), number of non-hatched eggs (second row) and number of offspring snails (third row). Fisher’s exact test was applied, significant differences with control group are marked with * for p < 0.005 and ** for p < 0.0005