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Table 8 Summary of the observed and the expected number of CGIs in different genomic features

From: Developmental programming of DNA methylation and gene expression patterns is associated with extreme cardiovascular tolerance to anoxia in the common snapping turtle

Genome feature Length of feature in genome Proportion of genome Observed CpG Islands Expected CpG Islands
Intergenic region 2,167,077,285 0.96 109,766 193,725
Promoter 22,812,000 0.01 4689 2039
Gene body 67,834,108 0.03 87,373 6064
Total 2,257,723,393 1.0 201,828 201,828
  1. Expected numbers of CGIs in intergenic regions, promoters, and gene bodies were calculated based on the proportion of the snapping turtle genome found in each of these genomic features