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Table 2 Age-CpGs identified in four or more datasets in one sex (*only cg25140188 identified in all five datasets studied). In boldface, age-CpGs identified in both females and males (in two or more datasets for the other sex)

From: Ageing-associated changes in DNA methylation in X and Y chromosomes

  ID Change with age Gene (hg19) Median β, males Median β, females CpG island
Y cg27214488 Hyper NLGN4Y 0.12   Shore
  cg20401549 Hypo PRKY 0.07   Island
Male X cg12737514 Hyper BCOR 0.27 0.18 Island
  cg16140952 Hyper CHRDL1 0.14   Shore
  cg21480420 Hyper FAM70A 0.27   Shore
  cg06711837 Hyper FGF13 0.15   Shore
  cg08783090 Hyper GABRE 0.19   Island
  cg01222180 Hyper GPR50 0.28   Island
  cg21672057 Hyper KIAA2022 0.27   Island
  cg01289637 Hyper LRCH2 0.09   Shore
  cg24823082 Hyper MID1IP1 0.08   Shelf
  cg26481961 Hyper MXRA5 0.19 0.17 Island
  cg00575851 Hyper NCRNA00087 0.15   Shore
  cg12848223 Hyper NRK 0.30   Shore
  cg14951132 Hyper NRK 0.28   Island
  cg09935073 Hyper PAK3 0.21   Open sea
  cg13775533 Hyper PCDH19 0.37   Island
  cg05134041 Hyper POU3F4 0.30   Shore
  cg09610569 Hyper SLITRK2 0.11   Island
  cg10288278 Hyper SLITRK4 0.30   Island
  cg01538344 Hyper TAF7L 0.46 0.49 Island
  cg27326620 Hyper ZC4H2 0.43   Open sea
  cg00525383 Hyper ZIC3 0.23   Island
  cg03671371 Hyper   0.18   Island
  cg03718079 Hyper   0.18 0.35 Island
  cg17156570 Hyper   0.38 0.51 Shore
  cg03660876 Hypo ARHGAP6 0.74 0.80 Open sea
  cg18422972 Hypo BCOR 0.52 0.32 Island
  cg06758848 Hypo FLNA 0.33   Island
  cg09761247 Hypo IDS 0.19   Shore
  cg00168417 Hypo KIAA1210 0.73 0.69 Shore
  cg03675615 Hypo PAGE4 0.91   Open sea
  cg25863147 Hypo PDK3 0.65 0.63 Shore
  cg09641151 Hypo PLXNA3 0.67 0.44 Shore
  cg04532200 Hypo PLXNB3 0.62 0.64 Shore
  cg19406003 Hypo PLXNB3 0.42   Shelf
  cg18478786 Hypo SLC25A5 0.11   Island
  cg21019788 Hypo SUV39H1 0.28   Island
  cg06461462 Hypo TSC22D3 0.66 0.75 Shore
  cg21900764 Hypo UPF3B 0.09   Island
  cg19570406 Hypo ZFP92 0.71   Shore
  cg25140188* Hypo   0.44 0.46 Shelf
Female X cg01538344 Hyper TAF7L 0.46 0.49 Island
  cg08704539 Hyper TAF7L 0.58 0.55 Island
  cg07811386 Hypo CA5B   0.35 Open sea
  cg00168417 Hypo KIAA1210 0.73 0.69 Shore
  cg05204193 Hypo MAP3K7IP3   0.49 Shelf
  cg04532200 Hypo PLXNB3 0.62 0.64 Shore
  cg02991082 Hypo TSC22D3   0.10 Shore
  cg06461462 Hypo TSC22D3 0.66 0.75 Shore
  cg17938879 Hypo    0.37 Open sea
  1. Median methylation level across all datasets is given for both males and females